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Al Ittihad 08.11.2013
During the heat of battle in a Saudi Premier League match between Al Nahdha and Al Ittihad, a minute of madness brought the best out of these two rivals.
During a four goal thriller in late 2013, the team's kicked off for the second half with the score held at 2-2. Shortly inside the second half, Al Nahdha's goalkeeper Taisir Al Antaif held the ball inside his penalty box, preparing to send it towards the opposition goal. However, he noticed that his lace was loose on his boot! 
If he had risked kicking the ball, his boot may have fallen off. On the other hand, he couldn't simply place the ball down without Al Lttihad's striker poaching the ball out of his hands... 

So what did Al Ittihad’s Brazilian striker Jóbson Leandro Pereira de Oliveira do? In a moment of Corinthian Spirit, the forward ran towards his opposition keeper, honourably knelt down before the keeper and tied the keeper’s laces – allowing the keeper to get on with the game. 

However, in accordance to the rules of time wasting, the referee felt that the goalkeeper was time wasting, and rewarded the other team with a freekick. 

But Al Ittihad wasn't going to allow this to happen! Al Ittihad’s free kick taker, Leandro Bonfim, gently kicked the ball wide of the post on purpose. Although new to the club, he had embraced the Jeddah football club ethos of sportsmanship, as did the crowd.

Supporters form both teams applauded Bonfirm’s decision and it was a wonderful moment of Corinthian Spirirt.


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