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COSTIN LAZAR 21.03.2009

Although the footballing world has a wider reach than ever before, with social media creating a platform to share opinions and stories, some stories in particular go untold. One untold moment of Corinthian Spirit took place in Romania’s Ligue 1 between Otelul Galati and Rapid Bucharest.

At the hour mark, Costin Lazar looked to win a race to latch on to a searching ball, against Otelul defender Alexandru Bourceanu. As Lazar attempted to outpace the veteran defender, the striker fell over the defender after a brilliantly timed tackle.

With no complaints, the Rapid striker began to walk away from the goal line. However, the referee quickly called for a penalty, which brought both Rapid and Otelul players around the official. Once Lazar had seen the decision, the Romanian international wagged his finger to dismiss the foul. As both teams prepared for the penalty, the forward pleaded with the officials to rescind the foul, changing the decision to a drop ball, which the hosts immediately knocked out of play for a goal kick.

This moment was a fantastic look at true Corinthian Spirit, with Costin Lazar refusing an unfair outcome, much like the Corinthians had done many times 100 years before.


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