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The German Miroslav Klose is best known for being the record goalscorer in FIFA World Cup history. However, not only is he one of the greatest goal-scorers of the modern game, but he’s also one of the finest gentlemen of the sport. Like many of his peers, Klose has a ruthless winning streak but, unlike many, he doesn’t resort to the “anyway, anyhow” philosophy that has been adopted blindly by players across the globe, desperate to get their names on the scoresheet.

There have been two astonishing examples of Miroslav's Corinthian Spirit. In a game against Napoli, while playing for Lazio, Klose admitted to accidentally using his right hand to push the ball over the line. Amazed by the admission, the referee rescinded the goal which he'd initially given.

Then, on the 30th April 2005, now playing for Werder Bremen, Miroslav went down in the box under the challenge of Bielefeld goalkeeper, Mathias Hain. The keeper was booked and a penalty awarded. Klose once again appealed to the referee, this time that he hadn’t been fouled and that the goalkeeper had touched the ball first. Incredibly the referee again overturned his decision and rescinded the keepers yellow card. Klose said after the incident: “I'm a bit irritated by all the fuss around me for doing this. For me, it was something you should always do. I would do it again - always.”

A true Corinthian sentiment and a wonderful example of a spirit that still survives in the modern game.

Video via "Bundesliga"

Do you have a favourite Corinthian Spirit moment you'd like us to share? Please tell us below.

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