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Corinthian champions the Corinthian Spirit of Gentlemanly fair play and upholds those same virtues as a business when dealing with all our stakeholders, both people and planet. 

Furthermore, through our Corinthian Foundation, we hope to support organisations devoted to using sport as a language to inspire, unite and, ultimately, change the world.

Our vision is based on 3 fundamental commitments:

  • Socially responsible supply chains, e.g.
    • Paying living wages;
    • Respecting universal human rights;
    • Pursuing organisational diversity.
  • Environmentally sustainable operations, e.g.
    • Sourcing sustainable raw materials;
    • Advocating slow fashion; reducing, re-using, recycling;
    • Supporting radical transparency, including eco-labelling.
  • Strong governance, in both business and philanthropy:

We see these commitments as works in progress and intend that each accomplishment will give rise to ever more ambitious goals. Over the next 3 years we will partner with leading NGOs to both nurture best practice and keep us accountable to our own high standards. We invite all our customers to do the same; only together will we be able to build an industry to be proud of.

It will be a long journey, but one we look forward to sharing with you.

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